General Information, HMP Styal

Styal became a prison in the 1960’s and HMP Styal is the only female prison establishment in the North West. Styal has a mother and baby unit where mothers can retain their children until they attain the age of 18 months.


There are 2 distinct styles of accommodation at Styal; 16 detached Victorian houses with mainly shared accommodation for approximately 20 prisoners each and purpose built wing, the Waite wing. This wing contains 134 prisoners. Additionally there is a small specialist unit holding 9 prisoners whose needs cannot be met within the main body of the prison.

New Development at Styal

In late January 2015 the Ministry of Justice opened a new unit at Styal which is a small (25 bed) open wing located just outside the main prison. This unit is a “stepping stone” for those nearing release to live in open conditions to enable them to better re-intergrate into normal society

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