General Information, Humber

HMP Humber is a Category ‘C’ Resettlement Prison for adult males. HMP Humber is made up of two sites which currently are in the process of being merged together (formerly HMP Wolds and HMP Everthorpe).

 HMP Everthorpe opened in 1958 as a borstal. It was converted to its present role in 1991 and now holds convicted male prisoners. In 2005 it underwent a significant expansion programme that provided two new wings and 220 places. The expansion also included a new workshop complex, gym and visitors centre

 HMP Wolds was opened in 1992 as a category B remand prison. It was the first private prison in Europe. G4S had managed the contract until July 2013, but has now been brought under government operation. The full merger with HMP Everthorpe will not be completed until early 2015, and until that time there are minor differences as to how the 2 sites operate.


 At the Everthorpe site the accommodation is:

  •  A wing – holds 86 prisoners plus a Listener suite (RAPt staff are based on A wing)
  • B wing – holds 87 prisoners
  • C wing – holds 87 prisoners (induction unit)
  • D wing – holds 87 prisoners (pre-release unit)
  • E wing – holds 120 prisoners, all in single cells (enhanced wing)
  • F wing – holds 95 prisoners (IDTS detoxification treatment unit; five double cells)
  • G wing – holds 127 prisoners plus a Listener suite (37 double cells)
  • SACU – holds 14 prisoners, including two special accommodation cells 

At the Wold site the residential facilities are:

  •  A unit (College) : 63 places
  • B unit Safer custody unit : 54 places
  • C unit Lifer unit : 54 places
  • D unit Mainstream location : 63 places
  • E unit Mainstream location : 63 places
  • F unit Mainstream location (IDTS) 63 places

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