General Information, HMP High Down

 High Down was opened in 1992 on the site of a former mental hospital. It serves the Crown Court at Guildford and Croydon, and surrounding magistrates’ courts. It was originally a category A prison but re-roled to a category B local prison in 2002. Originally holding 747, the prison expanded in 2008/9 with two new house blocks and ancillary works and now holds 1103.

 High Down opened The Clink restaurant  in 2009 click here  , a ground breaking development in prisoner training opportunities.


There are 4 main houseblocks, each on 3 floors with 3 spurs. These hold 181 prisoners each. 2 new houseblocks were built 5 years ago and these hold 178 each. Vulnerable prisoners are held on Houseblock 2, and new prisoners are first held on Houseblock

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