HMP Dovegate, General Information

Dovegate opened in 2001. In September 2009, new accommodation was opened to increase capacity, with half the 260 spaces dedicated to local prisoner places. It is run by Serco. It is split into 2 units, the main prison housing 860 and the Therapeutic Community having a capacity of 200. The #1 governor is John Hewitson. The prison is part of the West Midlands Region.


The accommodation in the main prison is:

  • House block 1
    • A wing General wing
    • B wing General wing
    • C wing General wing
    • D wing General wing
    • E wing General wing
  • House block 2
    • F wing General wing
    • G wing Vulnerable prisoner unit
    • H wing Vulnerable prisoner unit
    • J wing General wing
    • K wing Cellular confinement and accommodation for prisoners aged 50+
  • House block 3
    • L wing General wing
    • M wing Integrated drug treatment system (IDTS) wing
    • N wing Remand prisoners
    • P wing General wing


The Therapeutic Community is houses in 6 two-storey residential units: four hold 40 men and two hold 20. All cells are single occupancy with en-suite facilities.


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7 thoughts on “HMP Dovegate, General Information”

  1. Could I please arrange a visit to Michael Kwiakowski (on remand at P wing (I believe)).He is being held on alleged Arson charge.I used to visit Michael,as a support worker,and have written a letter to him recently.As a consequence I received a phone call,from a female officer Wall (?),on my answer phone.The message was a week ago.Could I pass on my home telephone number,which gives a much better reception
    Tell Michael he can contact me on this number in the evening.Many thanks
    John Routledge
    Tel:01782 397042
    Mob: 0783 455 9543

    1. Susan,
      DoingTime is an independent web-site, with no formal connection with the prison service, but as far as we are aware there is no specific wing at Dovegate (or at any other prison) specifically for people on the autistic spectrum. If you are concerned I would suggest you contact HMP Dovegate direct, their number is 01283 829400. Dovegate does have a Therapeutic Community unit, so unlike some old fashioned prisons they are likely to, at worst, at least understand your concerns.

      1. I am worried my son as caught TB from somebody that was in contact with him at a nother prison before dovegate this person has been diagnosed with TB and the public health team from Hmp Hewell had rung the Hereford county hospital to inform them this and asked if my son could have a screening iv told the hospital my son is at Hmp dovegate and she as sent an email to tell them this I have told the health team about this at dovegate my son is showing some of the symptoms that she mentioned I am very concerned about this what is the prisons procedure to deal with this . As I’m worried for my sons health .

        1. Susan,

          Sorry for the delay in replying, we wanted to check out a few things so as to be able to give you some real information.

          Firstly, DoingTime has no connection with the prison service, we are an independent web site just trying to help people!

          Clearly you have already told HMP Dovegate’s medical team , and I assume you have also told your son so that he is aware of the situation. It would be worthwhile following this up with a letter to them, so the message doesn’t just get lost. There is not a lot more you can do; HMP Dovegate probably wont tell you any details of medical checks they have carried out on your son ( patient confidentiality etc). The only person who can effectively push for treatment/screening is your son; make sure he has all the pertinent facts so he can brief HMP Dovegate’s doctors.

          However, its not all negative news! The prison service has faults, but the reality is that it is easier to get a doctors appointment in prison than for most people on the outside, and if there is a potential problem they will react quickly.

          Hope its “just a scare” and your son is ok


  2. Hi I had a call 2 weeks ago of a female prison officer and said my boyfriend Daniel Donovan would be contacting me shortly but haven’t heard anything of him and I’m really concerned could you please ask him to get in touch with me thanks, my mobile number 07984883729.

    1. Kerry,

      DoingTime has no contact with HMP Dovegate, we are an independent web site.

      You could try calling the prison direct (the phone number is on our web site), but I suspect you will be told “we are not his secretarial service, if he wants to ring you he will ring you”. You may get as sympathetic officer, but I wouldn’t be holding my breathe. The quickest way to make contact with him is via email. Go to and follow the links to the external company which provides this service, or rely on good old fashioned snail mail.

      Sorry we can’t be more helpful



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