General Information, HMP Dartmoor

Built over 200 years ago Dartmoor prison held French and American prisoners of war. In the 1800’s it became a criminal justice prison, latterly until 2000 as a Cat B training prison when it reroled as a Cat C . The prison is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, and while rumours abound regarding its closure in the future, no firm decision has been made public. HMP Dartmoor is run by HMPS as part of the South West Region. It has a capacity of 659 and the #1 governor is Terry Witton.


  • A wing: vulnerable prisoner unit (holds 132)
  • B wing: vulnerable prisoner unit (holds 134)
  • D wing: integrated vulnerable prisoner and mainstream prisoner wing (holds 122)
  • E wing: resettlement unit (holds 49)
  • F wing: enhanced mainstream wing (holds 47)
  • G wing: mainstream wing (holds 157)

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